House Rules


Weapon Finesse: Now applies your Dexterity Bonus to Damage as well as Attack Rolls while using finesse weapons. This bonus damage is Precision Damage, and is subject to all restrictions that apply to other forms of precision damage (including negation from Fortification Armor).

Dervish Dance: This feat no longer exists, having been folded into Weapon Finesse.

Weapon Proficiency: All classes are now proficient with all Simple Weapons, including classes normally restricted from their use, such as commoners. The Feats Martial Weapon Proficiency and Exotic Weapon Proficiency have been replaced with the feats Martial Weapon Training and Exotic Weapon Training. When taking each of these feats, the penalty for non-proficiency with these weapons is reduced to 2, and you may spend an amount of time to reduce this penalty further (to a minimum of 0). For Martial Weapon Training, you must spend a week of dedicated practice (two hours a day) to reduce the penalty by 1. For Exotic Weapon Training, you must spend two weeks of dedicated practice (two hours a day) to reduce the penalty by 1.

Weapon Enhancements

Agile Weapon: This enchantment no longer exists, having been folded into Weapon Finesse.


Perception: The perception process is being streamlined. When faced with enemies that are attempting to sneak up on you, hearing the sound of battle, and passive awareness of traps and other hazards, you will be assumed to be taking 10 on this check. Only active searching will require you to roll this skill.

Stealth: Stealth no longer requires concealment or cover when the person you are trying to sneak up on/run away from does not recognize you as a threat, and you are not in a place where you should not be.


Ninja: The Ki Block Ninja Trick also prevents Psionic and Caster Classes from using their manifesting or spellcasting abilities for a number of rounds equal to the Ninja’s Charisma Modifier. This also applies to any Supernatural, Spell-like, or Psi-like abilities the Ki Blocked creature possesses.

Dragon Rider: Several Changes have been made to the Dragon Rider Class. The Dragon now scales like an Animal Companion, and begins with stats 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, which are modified as per a Very Young Gold Dragon’s stats (+10 STR, +2 Dex, +6 Else). They retain a Dragon’s Hit Dice and BAB, instead of an Animal’s (1d12, +1 per HD). The Breath Weapon deals 1d8 damage per 2 dragonrider levels, rounded up, 1d6 if the energy type is uncommon (Sonic, Piercing, Negative Energy, etc.). You do not need to spend an action focusing to communicate with your dragon. The dragon starts at large size, but the size bonuses and penalties have been rolled into the racial modifiers above.

Dragon Rider’s Dragon: The Dragon no longer has a limitation on the number of times per day it may use its breath weapon. The limitation of using it every 1d4 rounds remains.


Humans consider Bastard Swords as Martial Weapons for the purposes of proficiency.

House Rules

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